Your Makeup Ultimate Seal…..Ben Nye Final Seal!

I swear we all want that flawless look when we do our makeup, I know I do and I fouunnnnd it!! Ben Nye Final Seal spray is everything you need in life. Smudge-proof and water-resistant, Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer seals the look for hours, literally no exaggeration, and its very affordable ranging from $8 – $30. Whether you’re performing, entertaining, tackling harsh weather or just looking for a lasting look, this finishing spray keeps makeup in place, even through heavy perspiration. Trust me I have personal summers all the time.

I sweat profusely. Like… sweat. Unfortunately for me at the tender age of 37 I am in pre-menopause and if you know anything about that then you know exactly what I mean when I say “personal summers” all year round. When I need my makeup to stay, full glam Ben Nye final seal spray is my saving grace.  I kid you not this spray will make your makeup last about 24 hours.

Minimal touch ups required, virtually no running makeup and no makeup transfer when you blot, touch your face or hug people it stands up to all weather and is pretty much water resistance! This spray is perfect for all occasions where makeup is needed to stand the test of time. Hell you can jump in a pool of water and your face will still be sitting.

Well, not that it took a lot but I wanted to make a believer out of my makeup bae and make all my viewers a believer as well so we put it to the test. My girl Alicia Mitchell of Fat Girl Glamour received a full face of makeup, I mean camera ready makeup and she agreed to wear it for 24 hrs. This means she had to carry out her daily task with a  full face of makeup on including but not limited to sleeping and showering in the makeup created by yours truly using the Ben Nye Final Seal.  Here is what the final application looked like:


Yes ma’am my makeup bae owned this look in our mini impromptu photo shoot. Come thru skin! The foundation was not disturbed, it doesn’t look cakey or plastic like and this illuminator was created underneath the foundation so even with Ben Nye Final Seal being a “matte” finish her glow is still illuminating threw the layers of makeup tha she has on.

Now makeup started at 6pm, finished up an hr later, we did our mini photoshoot and then she was off to start her 24 challenge. This first video is at 1am in the morning which is 6 hrs into her challenge. As you can see the canvas is still going strong:

 The next video is at 9am in the morning before she took her shower. As you can see 15 hrs into the challenge and literally her makeup has shifted. “I woke up like this”, LOL but she did!

 Now were a 25 hrs into her makeup and can we please give it up for Ben Nye Final Seal…..Yessss she is still ready for the evening here as she gets ready for her date!!! Now she could have put a little concealer under her eyes but we took this look to the limit.


Singing “isn’t she lovely, isn’t she BEA-U-TI-FUL”, yes she issssss!

So now her night has come to an end, she has already snatched the lashes off and then we decided to do one final video to show that even after 30 hrs of makeup this Ben Nye Final Seal will definitely save your life.

 Here are a few tips for using this spray as this is not your average spray.

– If your skin is already extremely dry, this is not the spray for you. It will treat your skin like hell. It will tighten the skin like an ultra-matte liquid lipstick on dry lips and we all know how dry that feels and the minty aroma may make the skin sting a little.

– Use a decent moisturizer under your makeup before using the Ben Nye spray. This is a heavy duty finishing spray so you don’t need to use a lot. This should be used only when you’re having a long day with makeup  and want minimal touch ups as stated before. If abused on certain skin types it could possibly dry the skin and make the pores work in overdrive!

– To get even coverage you must spray Ben Nye at least six inches from the face. I suggest you transfer it into a better spray bottle, because the bottle it comes in is the worst. If you have a good bottle that sprays out misty that will be perfect but know sometimes you may have to the take top off and wipe dried residue from under spray top.

– Use Ben Nye Spray sparingly if you use an oil based foundation. If you’re using an oil based foundation, Depending on your skin type it may react differently with oil based foundations. I personally use cream and stick foundations and it works well for me but again based on skin type, choice of foundation (made with oil or some form of wax) and your regime on applying makeup it may not  play well with this spray (possibly because of their oil content?).

– And lastly don’t over saturate your face with Ben Nye spray. That will cause a shiny film to be left on your face when it dries and can working against your fine lines. If you do get carried away and find this happens, a gentle dusting of your powder brush on top once it’s fully dry (using just the residual product left on your brush and not adding any more) will take away the sheen and any associated tackiness.

Let that be a lesson to you!

So the next time you need your makeup to last under any conditions, do not hesitate to order your Ben Nye Final Seal, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.




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