You Don’t Need Makeup, You Look Good Without It.

Everyone woman is not a makeup wearer, and that’s ok. However, for those who don’t wear makeup, it’s truly not needed for you to comment and say the infamous line “You don’t need makeup, you look good without it”. See here’s the thing, for starters we never asked you, but also, the person who received the application is very much aware of that. It is actually known to them before they even paid to get their makeup done, before they even booked their appointment, that person knew they didn’t need it, but as you can see, they wanted it. For any of these looks below, had I not did my makeup theses looks would not have resonated the way they did, it would have been an incomplete look across the board, just as blank as a freshly clean chalk board. So lets break down the NEED vs the WANT.  

When a person wants makeup done, it’s usually a celebratory thing, a function that they are attending that they want to look extra special for, upscale party, gala, wedding, etc. They might be going away and want to look the part, either way they wanted their makeup done so they booked an artist or they do what they can on themselves.

Now, when someone needs makeup done, it usually means they work in a field where they’re are required to wear makeup such as  tv or film. Maybe a speaking engagement, panel talk, podcast that may or may not be recorder. The may have skin condition (conditions varies) and it’s required for their on personal care or liking to wear makeup on a daily basis to cover up those imperfections, what ever the case may be, the makeup has made its way to the largest organ on the human body, their skin. They could have been professionally done or again the person learned how to do what they can on themselves.

Either way it is a comment that is so not needed when someone post a pic of them wearing makeup. I don’t understand how we get so caught up on what others do with their skin; how and why is that a concern of yours? So before you decide to comment on someone post about them not needing to wear makeup, just know these 3 things:


1. It’s not you business.

2. They did not ask.

3. It fell within the scope of THEIR needs or wants.

Makeup is to be worn, and it absolutely fulfills peoples ideal look, so allow them to smile, me merry and bask in their 2nd skin.


Your favorite makeup artist,

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Tanika Green

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