Booking Contract

Tanika Green Artistry Contract


To secure a date, a signed contract is required with a $25 or $50 deposit due at the time of signing. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be advised that date and scheduled makeup times will only be reserved when deposit has been received.


Contract will contain a start time and end time. Each makeup requires a certain length of time to be finished and is not to exceed the time limit. When reserving your date make sure you book accordingly. Any additional makeup needs performed outside of contract will only be performed at the discretion of the makeup artist. All other persons involved in makeup appointments need to be available at their scheduled time of said appointment in order to not break the contract when booking multiple applications. All makeup for more than one person must be at the same location and consecutive in time (no gaps in between).


Although deposits are not required, there is still a cancellation fee for each booking. Cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled can be up to full cost of the services and the minimum amount for services is $50. This fee is in place because the artist will most likely not be able to fill that time slot in such short notice.


A $25 fee will be charged for applications booked before 7:00 am.


A $15 late fee will be charged for the first 15 min of a late client and $1 for each additional min or if scheduled makeup exceeds allotted time due to client delays. CANCELLATION: You may cancel your services at any time however; you will forfeit any and all retainers and/or payments made, with the exception of immediate death in the family. In the event that TGA is unable to perform services for any reason including but not limited to sickness, accident, inclement weather, death, etc., reasonable accommodations shall be made up to and including a full refund. With my signature 2nd skin there will be little to no touch required. However, you’re the few who are just extreme sweaters or, maybe you are having an outfit change or you just want to pamper yourself on the day of, TGA does offer stand by services for an additional hourly cost. There I can take care of any touch-ups or last-minute issues. Just like a celebrity would have her glam squad with her to fix her makeup at the Oscars, I’ll be there to make sure you look your best the entire time.


Location of service for the day-of-event will be at the discretion of the client, but there are certain requirements the makeup artist needs to complete the makeup application: A “setup” table/work area needs to be made available for the artist at said location. Ample lighting is necessary but additional lighting will be provided by the artist if necessary, for services to be rendered.


Where parking, valet or toll fees may be incurred, the amount will be included with the final bill and due for payment on the day of the event.


All costs for travel to a booked event are to be paid by the client. Costs include, but are not limited to airfare, hotel, transportation, parking, per diem, services, incidentals and all taxes.


All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitized and disinfected daily. Although most products are labeled Hypoallergenic, Natural and/or Organic, any skin conditions should be reported by the client to the makeup artist right after booking so that a reaction test can be performed on the skin (text 973-207-3834 with name, booking date and time). TGA/Tanika Green Artistry will be exempt from the liability for any skin complication due to allergic reactions due to lack of knowledge from clients.


The final balance is due on the day of appointment – no exceptions. The person responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person on booking. Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, credit or payment through PayPal. For all credit card payments, a 3% service will be added to each transaction.