Booking Contract

Tanika Green Artistry Contract

PAYMENT: For the initial four appointments, new clients will be charged the full amount, with payment being processed within 24 to 48 hours of booking. However, exceptions are granted for large bridal parties, who may be eligible for scheduled payment options.

BOOKING TIMES: The electronic contract specifies a start and end time. Each makeup application requires a specific duration and must not exceed the time limit indicated in the package details. Please ensure you book your date accordingly. Any additional makeup requirements beyond the contract will be at the artist’s discretion, and additional fees may apply. When booking appointments for multiple individuals, all confirmed parties must be available at their scheduled appointment time to avoid a breach of contract. If a party member is late or misses their appointment, the next person in line can fill that slot. If time permits, the late individual may have their application done last, but please note that a late charge may apply if it exceeds the allocated time. All makeup applications must take place at the same location. 

STAND BY SERVICES: TGA offers stand-by services at an hourly rate of $75. Whether you tend to perspire heavily or want pampering on the day of the event, you can book TGA for extra time. This allows for touch-ups, application changes, or last-minute requests, just like celebrities receive from their glam squads. Kindly inform the artist during booking so it can be scheduled accordingly. 

CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your appointment within the 1-hour grace period, all fees are forfeited. While you can cancel at any time, if it’s after the 1-hour grace period, you may forfeit some or all payments made, except in the case of death in the immediate family (parents, spouse, child, sibling, with fees starting at $50). Refunds are not provided; only credit is offered. 

WEDDING CANCELLATIONS: Canceling or reducing booked services more than 60 days before your wedding incurs a $150 fee. Cancellation or adjustments within 30 days of the wedding date require payment for all canceled services. If your wedding is postponed, your non-refundable booking fee can be held and transferred to the new date, subject to availability. 

EARLY CALL TIMES: Any bookings outside regular business hours (8:00am to 7:00pm) will incur an additional fee. Appointments before 8am will be charged an early morning convenience fee of $50 per appointment. 

LATE FEES: A $25 late fee will be charged after the initial 10 minutes, and $1 for each additional minute. If a client is more than 20 minutes late, the appointment will be canceled, and applicable fees will be charged. For clients requiring travel, the late fee starts at $30 and $1 for each additional minute. 

RESCHEDULE: If you’re unable to make the scheduled appointment, you can reschedule once at no additional cost if it’s a week or more before the original time. Within the week, a $25 reschedule fee applies. If you can’t make the rescheduled appointment, your booking will be canceled, and full payment will be charged to the credit card on file. If payment can’t be processed after the third attempt, you’ll be prohibited from booking with TGA. 

SERVICE LOCATION & SETUP GUIDELINES: On the day of your event, the location of service will be chosen by you, provided the following conditions are met: 

  • For locations beyond the 15 (soft glam travel) to 20 (full glam travel) mile radius, an additional charge of 65.5 cents per mile will be applied, aligning with the IRS standard travel reimbursement for round-trip travel. 
  • A clean and well-prepared “setup” area (table/work area) must be available for the artist at the chosen location. If the artist must clean or organize the setup upon arrival, an inconvenience fee of $15 will be added to the total cost. (Please note, our focus is on providing a luxurious service, not cleaning.) 
  • Adequate lighting is preferred. However, if sufficient lighting is unavailable, the artist will bring additional lighting equipment. To avoid damage to the artist’s tools, please ensure the setup area experiences minimal foot traffic. If the lighting provided is damaged by anyone other than the artist, the party responsible will be required to cover the cost of replacement. 
  • If the work area is deemed unsuitable, unsanitary, or unsafe, the artist reserves the right to cancel services at her discretion. It’s important to acknowledge that non-compliance with setup requirements renders the payment for the service NON-REFUNDABLE. 

PARKING FEES/TRAVEL EXPENSES: Any incurred parking, valet, or toll fees will be added to the final payment. 

AIRFARE/ACCOMMODATIONS/OUT OF STATE TRAVEL: For state-to-state or international travel appointments, in addition to services, all expenses (hotel, airfare, gas, tolls, one meal per day, parking, incidentals, taxes) are to be borne by the client. A per diem rate of $250 per non-working day applies. 

LIABILITY: While all brushes and makeup products are sanitized and disinfected daily, it’s important to notify the makeup artist of any skin conditions at the time of booking. TGA/Tanika Green Artistry is not liable for any skin complications due to allergic reactions arising from the client’s lack of disclosure. 

Please email for cancellations or rescheduling. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Weather can be unpredictable, especially in winter. We cannot refund for weather-related cancellations. However, you have the option to postpone the event for up to 30 days, with paid amounts applied to the rescheduled date if notified in a timely manner. Please ensure a new date is confirmed with the artist before confirming. 

NO CALL/NO SHOW: If you fail to call for cancellation or rescheduling, your payment for the service is forfeited. 

CONSULTATIONS: If a client schedules a consultation and is dissatisfied with the wearability of the look, the client has the entitlement to a redo consultation without any reservations. However, should the client opt to decline the redo consultation, it’s crucial to take several factors into consideration as all makeup applications for that specific event can/will be forfeited. These are some things TGA takes into consideration: 

  • Change in Circumstances: The said event has passed already; the situation has changed significantly. 
  • Scope of Original Agreement: If the redo consultation was initially offered to address concerns related to event makeup and she declined it, the scope of the original agreement may not extend to subsequent events. 
  • Availability and Capacity: Assess your availability and capability to fulfill the client’s request for a redo consultation for a distinct event. Consider whether you possess the necessary resources and time to offer the service, or if maintaining the professional relationship remains feasible.  
  • Communication: TGA will initiate a conversation with the client to understand her expectations and reasons for seeking a redo consultation for the new event. 
  • Clarification: TGA will clarify the terms and scope of the service being offered. Making sure the client understands any associated fees, if applicable, and any limitations based on her previous decisions. 
  • New Agreement: If TGA agree to provide a service for the new event, a new agreement outlining the details, fees, and expectations will be created. This ensures clarity and prevents misunderstandings. 

It’s important for TGA to approach the situation professionally, we will take into consideration the client’s perspective, and determine if it’s feasible to accommodate her request. While we are not obligated to provide a service that falls outside the initial agreement, offering flexibility and clear communication can help manage expectations and maintain a positive client relationship. 

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