Booking Contract

Tanika Green Artistry Contract

Please review the policies and procedures below.

PAYMENT:  Clients are charged the full amount for appointments 24 to 48 hrs after booking. Only large bridal parties will have the options of scheduled payments.

BOOKING TIMESThe electronic contract includes a start time and end time. Each makeup application requires a certain amount of time to be finished and is not to exceed the time limit indicated in the package details. When reserving your date make sure you book accordingly. Any additional, makeup needs performed (shoulders, chest, back etc.) outside of the contract will only be performed at the discretion of the makeup artist and additional fees may apply. When booking appointments with multiple faces, all confirmed parties must be available at their scheduled time of said appointment to prevent a breach of contract. If a member of the party is late or misses their scheduled appointment, the next person up, can fill that time slot. If time allows it, the person late, may be able to have their application done last, but be mindful that a late charge may apply if it exceeds the allotted time. All makeup must be at the same location.

STAND BY SERVICES: TGA also offers stand by services for an hourly rate of $75. If you’re the few who are just extreme sweaters or, maybe you are having an outfit change or you just want to be pampered on the day of, TGA can be booked for additional time. There I can take care of any touch-ups, application changes or last-minute requests just like a celebrity would for her glam squad. Must let the artist know at the time of booking as it would need to be scheduled accordingly.

CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel or your appointment within the 1-hour grace period, all fees are forfeited. You can cancel your appointment at any time; however, if it’s canceled after the 1-hour grace period you will forfeit some or all payments made, except for death in the immediate family (parents, spouse, child, sibling / fees start $50). There are no refunds, credit only.

WEDDING CANCELLATIONSCancelling or reducing your booked numbers prior to 60 days of your wedding will incur a $150 fee. If you cancel or adjust within 30 days of your wedding date, you will be required to pay for all cancelled services. If your wedding is postponed, I will hold your non-refundable booking fee and transfer it to your new date. Please confirm that I have a new date available before locking it in.

EARLY CALL TIMES: There is an additional fee for all bookings outside of regular business hours of 8:00am to 7:00pm. Any appointments booked outside of these hours will be charged an early morning convenience $50.00 per appointment before 8am.

LATE FEESA $25 late fee will be charged after the first 10 minutes and $1 for each additional minute. If a client is late 20 minutes or more, the appointment will be cancelled, and they will be charged the applicable fees.

For clients booking appointments requiring travel the late fee starts at $30 and $1 each additional minute. If a client is late 20 minutes or more, the appointment will be cancelled, and they will be charged the applicable fees.

RESCHEDULE: If you are unable to make the specified appointment, you can reschedule one time at no additional cost if it is 1 week from your scheduled time. If within the week there is a $25 reschedule fee. If you cannot make the rescheduled appointment, your booking will be canceled, and full payment will be taken from the credit card on file. If payment cannot be taken after 3rd attempt, you will be banned from booking with TGA.

To cancel or reschedule please email:

INCLEMENT WEATHERWeather is unpredictable throughout the year, but principally during the wintertime. Nevertheless, we cannot provide refunds for a cancellation due to inclement weather. However, as an available option to cancellation, you may postpone the event for up to 30 days, and all paid amounts received, if possible, will be applied to the rearranged date if we are notified of your intentions to postpone in a timely manner. Be advised, though, the new date should be confirmed with the artist before confirming for the sake of allocation.

NO CALL/NO SHOW: If you do not call to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you forfeit your payment for service.

SERVICE LOCATION & REQUIREMENTS: Location of service for the day-of-event will be at the discretion of the client, provided that the following requirements are met:

-A clean “setup” (table/work area) needs to be made available for the artist at said location. If an artist arrives and must make/clean the area, there is a $15 inconvenience fee that will be added to total cost. (We are there to offer a luxury service, not offer cleaning services)

-Ample lighting is perfect, however in the case it’s not available, additional lighting will be provided by the artist. Please make sure that area for set up is a low trafficked area in the space to prevent damaging artist tools. If light is damaged by anyone other than the artist, said person will be responsible for replacing.

 -If the work area is not workable, sanitary and/or safe, the artist has the right to cancel services at her discretion. Payment for service is NON-REFUNDABLE if the requirements are not met.

PARKING FEES/TRAVEL EXPENSES:  Where parking, valet or toll fees may be incurred, the amount will be added to final payment.

AIRFARE/ACCOMMODATIONS/OUT OF STATE TRAVEL:  For appointments requiring state to state or international travel, outside of services, all costs for (hotel, airfare, gas, tolls, meal (1 per day), parking, incidentals, taxes) are to be paid by the client. There is a per-diem rate of $250 per non-working day.

LIABILITY:  All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitized and disinfected daily. Although most products are labeled Hypoallergenic, Natural and/or Organic, any skin conditions should be reported by the client to the makeup artist right when booking (in the comments section) so that a reaction test can be performed on the skin (email with name, booking date and time). TGA/Tanika Green Artistry will be exempt from the liability for any skin complication due to allergic reactions due to lack of knowledge from the client.