Bridal FAQS & Tips

Bridal FAQs

Question 1: I’ve done other bridal makeup trials and HATED them. What makes you different?

At Tanika Green Artistry, we don’t do your typical “makeup trial.” Instead, I offer a session where I demonstrate and explain the difference in the product being applied in your application and combine that with the visual you see for your big day. We talk about skin type, daily routine, bridal visual and more. I then take everything you say into account during your consultation, extending it a little beyond your visual so that you can also see the possibilities. If you have never tried something how do you know hands down that it may or may not work with your visual. Photos will also be taken so that we are able to look back and recreate that look if booked.

Question 2: Do you come to my bridal suite, or do I need to drive to a suite?

Absolutely I travel to my brides. I map out the perfect time to arrive on your wedding day based on all info provided. However, there are brides who are just doing a simple courthouse, backyard wedding or maybe want to save a few dollars and it is more convenient for them to come to me for a basic bridal look. Either way I am here to accommodate you with a 2nd skin for your big day.

Question 3: I love your services, but still need a hairstylist, can you recommend someone?

Yes! I have a whole lineup of seasoned professionals whom I can recommend.

Question 4: What if I cry my eyes out at the altar? Or if it’s 100 degrees and humid? Or if my lips get a little dry from chatting so much at cocktail hour? Or if I get sweaty on the dance floor?

With my signature 2nd skin there will be little to no touch required. However, you’re the few who are just extreme sweaters or, maybe you are having an outfit change or you just want to pamper yourself on the day of, TGA does offer stand by services for an additional hourly cost. There I can take care of any touch-ups or last-minute issues. Just like a celebrity would have her glam squad with her to fix her makeup at the Oscars, I’ll be there to make sure you look your best the entire time.

Question 5: I'm having a destination wedding. Do you travel outside the country?

Absolutely, I take on international waters! We can talk with you about this over the phone or through some form of video conferencing/meeting.

Question 6: My girls need to look amazing too. Can you do my whole bridal party?

YUP! I specialize in cohesive bridal party makeup looks that compliment the bride and the whole vibe of the wedding. If you have a large bridal, I can do up to 10 faces however that is going to require a lot of hours spent on makeup and most brides are not willing to dedicate that much time so I will need to bring in another makeup artist (additional fee of $250) to assist for your big day and this will cut down the hours tremendously.

Question 7: I'm leaning towards a classic look for church, but I’m dying for a sexy smoky eye look. What should I do?

With our Full-Service Collection, we’re able to give two unique makeup looks for your wedding day, that way you don’t have to keep the same look all day. I will do touch-ups before the reception starts to refresh that morning’s initial application and then when it's time to party or change, we can change it to a nice smokey eye.

Question 8: Will you do my bridal shower/engagement shoot/rehearsal dinner makeup?

Our brides are beauty-obsessed and want to look their best at every milestone event. With our Full-Service Collection, you get a bridal consultation, 2 additional makeup sessions (bachelorette party, bridal shower) and more with me for any of your other wedding events, and your wedding day makeup. Brides usually opt to do our strategy session/bridal preview on the day of their engagement party or engagement shoot, and the additional session before their bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Question 9: My fiancé has some dark spots on his face! Help!

Don't worry, we do touch-ups/skincare on grooms on the wedding day if needed.

Bridal Tips

"Good skin is the best foundation for your makeup"

1. Start early

About eight months prior to your wedding, start taking note of makeup artists and their work artistry. If you've recently attended a wedding and you liked the makeup style on the bride, ask for the name of the makeup artist and do some research on their portfolio to assess whether you like what they do. Also useful is creating a mood board that depicts the looks that you like. This can serve as a source of inspiration for your to-be makeup artist.

2. Reviews matter

Every makeup artist has a track record, and it pays to read reviews given by past clients. Participate and read comments posted on bridal forums to get a sense of who is who in the bridal makeup industry. From there, you can shortlist the top few makeup artists that you'd like to speak more with or even select for your big day. Be mindful to take reference from reviews by other brides.

3. Try it out

All makeup artists offer a consultation and it's usually for a fraction for the full price. After all, a true professional knows that your skin is just as important as your big day, so they want you to know that you are in good hands.

4. Best look for me

During the trial, bring photos of the makeup looks you like and share the mood board and all your preferences so that the makeup artist can get a sense of what you want. Schedule a whole day with your application, this way, not only will you see how well the makeup lasts in real life. This can be especially helpful so that your makeup artist can decide on the type of foundation to use for your indoor or outdoor wedding. Also, play up your makeup for photos sake! Always a general rule for brides as the camera will blow you out in photos and it can be unforgiven as you only get one time to do it right. Put on a little more makeup than you would apply normally, more than you think you need, since the camera and lights will tone down your makeup.

5. Remember your entourage

Factor in makeup for your bridesmaids, family members, and special guests. Speak to your makeup artist and ensure that they have it included in the cost. Let your makeup artist know exactly how many other people will be needing their services, so she can decide whether she needs to bring in an assistant. This is especially important if you have a huge entourage. Say, if you have a family of twelve, they will need to get a supporting makeup artist to help your guests and family look good, while your makeup artist attends solely to you.

6. Get to know them personally

Ultimately, you'd want a makeup artist who has a good attitude. Therefore, it is important to select someone you feel comfortable with and well taken care of by. It is one thing to have a creative flair that helps you look good on your big day and another when that streak runs its own course. Speak honestly with your makeup artist and let them know if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the agreement. It is your big day, and apart from looking good, it is crucial that you feel positive and happy throughout the day.

7. Prepare your skin

No matter how professional or seasoned your makeup artist is, you have to do the necessary things to look the part. Prepare in advance for last-minute emergencies such as sudden and unwanted red eyes or swollen lips. Use only linen that your skin is used to in the days leading up to the wedding. Eat simple and cut salt from your diet to reduce the appearance of bloating. Avoid new food or drinks, and do not test out new facial or skincare products two weeks before the big day. Looking good requires you to feel food! Take time to exercise, following good eating practices and drink lots of water will help you and your skin look and feel great.

8. Best application for you

Consider climate when getting makeup applied especially if your bride who’s wedding is in a warmer climate, consider using as many oil-free products as possible (primer, moisturizer and foundation) and keep oil-free blotting sheets or sponges on hand.