TGA Soft Mink Lash “Natural”

How to use:

  • Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case.
  • Compare false eyelashes with your eye lines and trim them to a suitable length.
  • Apply the adhesive along the false eyelash band/root.
  • Allow adhesive to try for 30 to 60 seconds for a normal amount of adhesive or 60 to 90 sec for a heavy amount of adhesive, it should feel tacky to the touch when ready.
  • Press the lash to the middle of the lash line, the seal inner and outer corner. For a more secure hold take pointer finger and thumb and lightly press mink lash and natural lash together


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Our soft mink lash is designed to give offer you a truly natural look. These soft mink lashes are thicker towards the outer corner to give a bit of fulness without taking away from its natural look, it creates a very natural flared look.