YESSSSSSSSSSS! You did that! I’m so appreciative of you!! Thank you so much.

Literally made me excited for tonight, When I tell you I was feeling myself!!!! I appreciate you so much, I felt marvelous!!!!


Thank you boo you are amazing! Energy was bomb and professionalism was through the roof!


Thank you Tanika Green who’s the only person that can lay hands on THIS face!

Alisha Penn

Girl this makeup did not move at all.

Shayla Kilpatrick

Tanika, I can not thank you enough, you are truly a force and I am forever grateful!

Imaani Orr

She is the best- Hands down!

Ellen Smith

Ms. Tanika Green is the makeup artist of all makeup artists. You beg me to listen to you and I FINALLY submitted to your creativity. YOU BEAT THIS GIRL FACE! Thank you.  To Cornerstone Ministries the church Bishop is undershepherd of, there are no words to describe you effectively. We thank God for each of you. Thank you.

Felicia Berry

Thank you Tanika for the fabulous beat, you have no idea how much I needed this!

Kita Barnes

The phenomenal artistry by none other than Tanika Green, oh and she gathered the hair, honey!

Tanisha B-Malone

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